Deep in the autumn of this year, I dreamed about a little boy with shiny hair and skinny arms, building a brick wall with his hands. He worked steady and determined, with an inner strength that seemed to surpass the capacity of his small body. When he felt me watching he paused from his work and looked at me over his shoulder and said, “When I was young, this was the best way I could imagine to let myself be made by the world. To work upon material until it began to match the shapes inside my mind and heart. And to let that working make me; to let my body grow to be a record of the effort of my love.”       

After the dream, that became a kind of prayer for me: Let my body be a record of the effort of my love.

"Janna Sobel is among the most uncommonly generous writer/performers it's been my privilege to know.  She is that rare artist that's every bit as concerned with the craft and care so evident in her own work as she is with contributing to a broader artistic community.  Her spirit of wonder, her unfailing candor and courage, and her stubborn refusal to abandon her innocence combine to make her work nothing short of dazzling. The fact that she also brings this energy and sense of artistic purpose to her work as curator, teacher, and citizen of Chicago's Live Lit scene is to our lasting benefit and good fortune."

~Ian Belknap, Write Club Founder and Director

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