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Flying Lanterns

Especially for Innovators...

I have a true love and respect for people working in innovation, and I offer them a unique form of training and support: one that focuses entirely on strengthening the group dynamics necessary for inspired and lasting institutional change. This training is not a facilitated ideation session, or project-specific. It is a workshop or short series of workshops designed to strengthen your team.

Innovators are skillful change-agents who are doing the deep work necessary to transform massive corporations and existing systems from the inside out: to be less polluting, more sustainable, less exploitative, and more creative and prospering of life. (And they persist heroically in this, even as orgs sometimes press them to use their innovation superpowers to simply invent more stuff to sell more stuff!) I use my tools to replenish and empower these good people. Playful, interactive skill-building games, rooted in the work of a social scientistare precisely designed to strengthen the inspiration, agility, communication, determination, and cooperation needed to succeed in reimagining and rebuilding our world.

I have coached innovation teams at  Moen, Allstate, GitHub, Exelon, ComEd, Audi, Baltimore Aircoil, Pacific Life, DDB, 72and Sunny, and others. I've designed and facilitated programming for The Innovation Academy at The University of Notre Dame, for The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, and for The Innovation Institute. 

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“I appreciate your goal to achieve excellence in everything we did. You thought about each agenda item deeply, and constructively pushed to “dial in” all key parameters. But that’s not what makes you special. You have an engaging way of pulling people into new places. Your every action and word manage to be simultaneously supportive, challenging, and fun. That's a hard balance to achieve.”

Howard Hayes, Senior Vice President of Product & Service Innovation, Allstate Insurance


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