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Live Storytelling Classes & Workshops


Class: The Fundamentals of Great Storytelling 

This live, interactive class meets weekly over Zoom for 8 sessions with 5-7 students. Participants hone storytelling skills through playful, interactive games and creative exercises, and with supportive feedback on manageable weekly story assignments. There's a showcase at the end! This class is a joy, and a real source of growth and connection. Regular cost is $360. Sliding scale is always available for those who need.  


Development Workshop: Stories from Here

This ongoing workshop serves an international group of experienced writers, storytellers, solo performers and stand-up comedians who benefit from a supportive creative cohort and feedback on their work. We meet live over Zoom in 8 week sessions, and each ends with a live show called Stories from Here. This workshop isn't competitive or exclusive, but space is limited to 7, so it's only open to folks who have completed a class with me (or with experience). Cost for a session is $360. Sliding Scale is always available for those who need. 


"Learning Storytelling with Janna was a profound, life changing experience where I was coached in speaking my truth, and saw that when I didn’t, I created roadblocks that made it challenging to express myself. Once these roadblocks were removed, the story would flow naturally. I invited her to lead a series of Storytelling workshops at DDB, where the same qualities of truthfulness in storytelling are important. People loved the workshops! Change happens when we know each other's stories, and Janna is gifted in helping to bring our stories forward."

Michelle Auger, VP and Director of Human Resources at DDB


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