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Special Projects!

Here, Chicago

is a live Storytelling Show and Potluck that's been playing to sold-out theaters for 10 years. The show's  mission is to bring people together with varied professional, cultural, political and personal perspectives, to connect and discover common ground. We aim strongly to foster the arts of sharing and listening; to encourage approaching difference with curiosity rather than combativeness. We are as happy to feature the work of renowned writers & performers as we are to offer a stage to those who have never set foot on one before. People call this show magic.  See why. 

Intuitive Treasure Hunter

is a life-sized game played in teams out in the world. Part urban adventure, part treasure hunt, part whimsical remedy, the game is a joyful exploration of local terrain with new eyes. It strengthens creativity and collaboration, restores trust in personal intuition, and invites heightened awareness of life. It happens once a month in Chicago, and has  been played by 100's of people of all ages from many parts of the world. Featured at The Improv Retreat and iO Chicago's Summer Intensives over the past 5 years. Learn more

The Story Seed Project

Storytelling has been practiced since before the written word, and it belongs to everyone. Live, personal storytelling has also been somewhat lost as a living art-form in many communities, as digital entertainment takes the place of live, creative interactions. With a wish to revitalize live Storytelling gatherings as inspiring, uniting, and empowering events in as many places as possible, I've created a program that trains teachers, organizers, community leaders to foster live Storytelling shows and scenes in their communities. If you want to plant the seeds of story-telling culture in your neighborhood, church, or business, say hi! 


"Your warmth and genuine good will and- honestly- love for everyone around you has been moving and inspirational. I absolutely love performing at Here Chicago, no matter the location, and I believe it is mostly due to the environment you have created. Your show is a home for creativity, community and love, and I am so proud to say I could be a part of it. Thank you for creating an amazing space."

Josh Berling, Game Designer




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