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Creative Restoration Retreat

In the cold heart of winter, we gather in the warm heart of the Sonoran Desert for four days of creative nourishment, inspiration, and camaraderie. The Stories from Here retreat is the culmination of years of teaching, hosting, and program design, with a sole-focus on replenishing each participant's knowing, intuitive, creative life-force. The part which, when we listen to it, leads to our best stories.

The long weekend consists of daily  workshops, partner sessions focused on support for your creative vision or project, healthy beautiful meals, evening story-circles around the fire, and open time to write, rest, reflect, swim, hike, explore the land, and listen. There is a good balance of scheduled and unscheduled time.

The retreat is limited to 14 people, so there is something of a selection process. But nothing rigorous. If you've attended before, you're invited again. If we haven't met before (or in a long time), an easy application process includes a Zoom conversation where we can connect and see if the retreat serves your purposes. My goal is to host a diverse cohort of people with a wide range of interests and life-experiences, and some ineffable chemistry that will deeply benefit all of you.

In its second year, the Retreat will host one all-gender session, and one session that is for women and/or those who identify that way in any aspect.  Dates, rates, and other details will be posted here in late June.

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"This retreat is clearly the culmination of decades of work, bringing people into alignment with their innate creative life force. It was a gift to witness and be a part of." 

Lindsay Muscato, Tech Editor for TIME Magazine

"...He told me how a friend of his once heard a whole sky full of stars when she was seven. And later on when she was eighty three she heard a cactus blooming in the dark. The old man said, "Most people never hear those things at all." I said, "I wonder why." He said, "They just don't take the time you need for something that important." 

~ from The Other Way to Listen by Byrd Baylor

Stories from Here Tubac Retreat Schedule.png

This is last year's schedule.

Here, just to give you a feel. This winter's retreat will be a little different, and a just a little better based on learnings and discoveries from last year. What remains the same is a protected, small group experience designed entirely to nourish and restore the intuitive, creative, inspired life-force in people who make the world better, and have important stories to tell. 

More details will be posted on this page in mid-summer. 

If you'd like to learn more, say hi!

I'll get back to you within 48 hours. 

Thanks for submitting!

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