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Workshops for Collaboration, Creativity & Communication

Applied Improvisation and Storytelling workshops create rapid change for organizations. Through an arc of playful, fun, laughter-filled games that are tailored to your group's unique needs, these workshops improve relational dynamics that make for vibrant, inclusive culture and inspired team-work. Unlike some professional trainings, this work doesn't feel like work. Participants make real, lasting, and useful discoveries through dynamic, joyful play, followed by reflection.


Recent studies by Google identify Psychological Safety as the only condition present in all of their most productive teams. This study and others like it confirm what many of us naturally know about the deep value of genuine trust and respect among collaborators. But critically, these studies stop short at suggesting how to foster these conditions. And leaders know that most strategic initiatives to foster "soft skills", fail. As an 18-year teacher of Applied Improvisation and Storytelling, I know well that they easily (and intentionally) create Psychological Safety for groups. In my work with the Leadership Studio at The University of Chicago's Booth School, and Notre Dame's Innovation Academy, I've honed the application of these tools to nourish leaders and transform company culture. 


Workshops happen in person or remotely over Zoom, and can last from 1-3 hours, or be spread out over a period of days. The length, content, and number of workshops are tailored to your specific needs and parameters. A free 20 minute consultation lets us talk about possibilities.


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"I had a brand new team of people with widely ranging backgrounds who would be collaborating intensely for 3 months. I brought Janna in the first week to help the group bond, practice being vulnerable, and build off each other’s ideas. In a fearless and nurturing way, Janna lead the team through a series of exercises that created an incredibly supportive environment which allowed each person to share their creativity and be vulnerable. She had a profound effect on each person individually and on the group dynamic - setting the tone for how we’d work. She was the first of 25 guests we had with us over the course of 3 months, and when I asked the team who stood out and really made an impact, it was Janna’s workshop they said would stay with them the most."

Maria Scileppi, Director of 72U at 72andSunny



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