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Workshops for Communication,
Collaboration & Creative Culture

I use playful, fun, laughter-filled games that are strategically built to strengthen the relational skills and group dynamics that lead to gratifying collaboration and communication. These games were designed by a social scientist nearly 100 years ago toward the end of the Great Depression, to help Americans recover from collective trauma (and reclaim their ingenuity and hope) through creativity and play. These are the same games we use to train the country's favorite comedic actors at The Second City. Applied to business, these interactive games are built into an arc of tailored to your group's specific relational goals.

A ground-breaking study by Google identifies Psychological Safety as the only condition present in all of their most productive teams. But this study and others like it simply confirm what most of us innately know about the value of strong relationships, and they stop short of suggesting how to foster these conditions. Meanwhile, business leaders know that most strategic initiatives to foster "soft skills", usually fail.


As an 18-year teacher of Applied Improvisation and Storytelling, I have seen these tools deepen connections between colleagues, heal dysfunctional group dynamics, restore trust and genuine respect, improve listening, foster inclusive culture, and increase inspired collaboration. This is why I've spent the last 7 years honing the application of these tools to deeply empower people who already work together. 

Workshops can happen in person or remotely over Zoom, and last from 1-3 hours. They can happen once, or be spread out over a period of days. The length, content, and number of workshops are tailored to your specific needs and parameters. A free 20 minute consultation lets us talk about possibilities.

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"I took a class with Janna to strengthen my personal communication skills, and was so impressed with what she taught me that I brought her in to work with our company. Saggezza is a group of global technology consultants that is growing rapidly, and Janna designed a dynamic workshop series for our Sales, Recruiting, and Leadership teams teams. We honed our company messaging, and now we are communicating with more clarity and vibrancy that we thought possible. Thank you, Janna!"

Susan Stenander, CFO of Saggezza Inc.




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