As a solo performer and storyteller, Janna views theater as an opportunity to address material that is central to human experience but usually goes unspoken. She enjoys making people laugh, sense possibility, and remember things they already know but have forgotten. 

Janna won the Uptown Poetry Slam's first and only Story Slam, and has been honored as a Year's Best performer by The Encyclopedia Show and Real Talk Live, and been repeat-performer with Essay Fiesta, Write Club, This Much is True, Story Club and Chicago Slam WorksShe has been a feature for The Shit Show, Young Chicago Authors, Words that Kill, Story Sessions, Two Cookie Minimum, Let's Talk Turkey, P. Fanatics, Small Fish Radio Theater, Broad Shoulders Podcast and Write Bloody Publishing. She was the opening act for Jen Bosworth's acclaimed one woman show, Why Not Me? and for Amanda Rountree's solo show 185 Buddhas Walk Into a Bar.  Janna  is currently working on a full length solo piece called Wonderful, about birds who come to the front door during high fevers, and strangers with presents on trains.    

"Janna Sobel's stories are remarkable for what they unearth about the reader/listener's own hidden agendas toward love, sorrow and triumph. It is not often that a writer - and here i speak of the whole writer; read or listened to - can create such 'seeing eye' works. Janna's stories undress and affirm at once.  You will be transformed."     

~Roger Bonair-Agard, Performance Poet & two time National Poetry Slam Champion   

"Look out, heart strings! Janna Sobel is about to pull you loose! Janna spins yarns with a quiet, careful electricity, drawing audiences into a world of her creation.  She holds our hearts in the palm of her steady hand, and molds them with joy and finesse."   

~Shanny Jean Maney, The Encyclopedia Show co-founder   

"Janna Sobel is a gifted writer and storyteller.  Her ability to capture the human condition by seamlessly integrating vivid imagery and poetic language into engaging narratives is unparalleled."

~Keith Ecker, co-founder & co-host of Guts and Glory      

"Your piece was breathtaking; beautifully written and read.  Your work leaves me inspired.  Thank you for always sharing with such spirited generosity; you have a way of bringing a room to new elevations."   

~Alyson Lyon, co-founder of Essay Fiesta      

"Janna has the rare ability to tell a story with delicateness as well as fierceness. She is graceful and at the same time is able to connect her own awkwardness to the audience's awkwardness, creating a safe and loving storytelling environment. Janna is a talented woman who uses her gifts to bring us all together, to allow us each to teach one anther what it means to be a part of a larger whole."   

~Jen Bosworth, co-founder of the Chicago Story Collective, and critically acclaimed Writer/Performer of Why Not Me 
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