Private Offerings

As a 16 year teacher of improvisation and live storytelling, Janna loves tailoring the work to individuals and organizations. In addition to teaching year-round for The Second City Training Center, she has led workshops or spoken for 72U, DDB Chicago, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Allstate Innovations Team, NetSuite, LinkedIn, Cardinal Health, The Improv Retreat, iO Chicago, Colombia College Chicago, Young Chicago Authors and Gilda's Club Chicago. She has spoken on panels for the Young Non Profit Professionals Network and WBEZ Chicago, and was the Keynote Speaker for the 2017 Congress of The I&M Canal National Heritage Area. She once gave the Sunday sermon at Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple in Oak Park! Following are some ways that you or your organization can work with her. All offerings are designed to strengthen communities and increase individual creative freedom.

Private Coaching for Public Speakers 
Janna's private clients include comedians, professional storytellers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, TED Talkers, and Moth GrandSlam winners. A private session with Janna can focus on content; helping speakers to identify and articulate the core truth of a story and to structure a piece in a way that inspires, entertains, and moves an audience. Coaching also focuses on fostering relaxed, genuine, and dynamic stage presence. 

Workshops for Organizations 
Tailoring a single workshop or series of workshops to meet a specific group's needs, Janna draws from a broad range of improvisational games and exercises that create rapid positive change. Whatever a group's needs may be (applying improvisational skills to collaboration, incorporating storytelling into professional practice, strengthening relationships, etc.), a workshop builds trust, improves listening, and increases joy and high-regard among colleagues. Participants make discoveries through play rather than through lecture, and the time spent is exciting and fun. 

In-House Storytelling Events
A storytelling event allows an organization to strengthen relationships on teams or between departments, by bringing people together to share and listen to each other tell true stories. An easy, old, powerful way of increasing camaraderie and high-regard among coworkers, a story-swap is a fun and humanizing challenge for people in all levels of an organization. A workshop or series of storytelling workshops can lead up to the event.

Intuitive Treasure Hunter
A group game-form created by Janna in 2005 and shared with 100s of people since, Intuitive Treasure Hunter is an unparalleled way to build positive relationships among teams, increase joy, relieve stress, foster fresh perspectives, and promote new levels of creative intuition. 

Invited Speaker
Janna has been honored by invitations to speak to different groups over the past year, on a range of subjects from the power of storytelling, to creative intuition, to healing, to positive community building. A newer form of engagement for her, it is one she deeply enjoys. 

To inquire, use the contact page, or email janna@herechicago.org. 


"I had a brand new team of people with widely ranging backgrounds who would be collaborating intensely for 3 months. I brought Janna in the first week to help the group bond, practice being vulnerable, and build off each other’s ideas. In a fearless and nurturing way, Janna lead the team through a series of exercises that created an incredibly supportive environment which allowed each person to share their creativity and be vulnerable. Because of seeing each other this way, the team was solidified. Janna had a profound effect on each person individually and on the group dynamic - setting the tone for how we’d work. She was the first of 25 guest speakers we had with us over the course of 3 months, and when I asked the team who stood out and really made an impact, it was Janna’s workshop they said would stay with them the most."
-- Maria Scileppi, Director 72U/72andSunny

"Janna's Intuitive Treasure Hunter is one of the most joy - causing exercises I've ever seen in practice. It causes people to slow down and connect and let synchronicity work it's way to them. DO IT IF YOU HAVEN'T - I've watched over a hundred folks now try this and come back with awesome stories to share."

— Tara DeFrancisco, Director of The Nest Theater and The Improv Retreat

"Janna’s coaching made crafting my personal stories such a joyful process. She listened deeply and cared about the life of my story. Her humor and insight made the process rich and fun. Through her perceptive attention, Janna helped me mine my story’s meaning for both me and my audience. Her mind is like a camera lens; she is able to change the angle and focus to help me see multiple aspects. By the end, I felt prepared and no longer anxious. Thank you Janna."

-- Carol Kaufman-Kerman, Storyteller & Story Educator
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