As a professional actress, Janna has played leading roles in Chicago with the 16th Street Theater, Chicago Dramatists, Courier 12 Collective, WNEP Theater, and The Second City's Skybox and DeMatt Theaters. In San Francisco she played leads with The San Francisco Playhouse, The Eureka Theater, The Magic Theater, The Exit Theater, New Writers New WorksSignal Theater Company and The BOA Festival in San Francisco. Janna studied performance in New York City at La Mama Etc and The Actors Movement Studio and with founding members of The Wooster Group, Physika Arts, and with East Coast Artists (Schechner, Cole and Minnick).  
As an improvisor, Janna played with the iO Harold team Phoenix Lights, was a member of The Improv Playhouse Touring Company, and is a company member of Radiostar Improv and Keeper. She studied improv with Anna Halprin, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, and Bay Area Theater Sports, and is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory and iO

"I recommend Janna Sobel an actor of exceptional talent and as a theater artist of professional caliber.  I have worked with Ms. Sobel over many years and in many capacities, and she has always approached her work with a commitment that translates into skillful and memorable performances.  Her outstanding performance as Carlotta in The Ascension of Carlotta earned consistently excellent reviews from critics and enthusiastic responses from audiences.  Based on my experience, I recommend her highly."   

 ~Will Dunne, Author of The Dramatic Writer's Companion: Tools to Develop Characters, Cause Scenes, and Build Stories, Chicago Dramatists Resident Playwright & Teacher        

"Janna has the ability to find the beating heart of any character she plays.  She is luminous both on stage and as she walks through her life."    

~Arlene Malinowski, Ph. D, critically acclaimed Author/Performer of What Does the Sun Sound Like? and Aiming for Sainthood    

"Janna Sobel is one of the most open-hearted, passionate, and dedicated improvisers I've ever had the pleasure of working with."   

 ~Jason Shotts, Improvisor/Teacher at iO Chicago    

"Janna is an immensely talented actor, and a very giving and attentive scene partner.  She has a uniquely gentle yet powerful comedic acting style, and in my opinion she is just beginning to touch her full potential."       

~John Hildreth, Director    

"Janna Sobel reminds us that any moment can be fully inhabited.   The mere acts of listening and of letting, these are the actor’s greatest gifts. You’ll find yourself watching Janna--even when she’s not delivering lines."

~Peter Thomas, Playwright 

"As an actress, Janna’s tremendous intuitiveness makes her a powerful interpreter of new work. She brings humor, compassion, and great sensitivity to the characters she plays, and her fearless choices always reveal hidden layers and new possibilities. When I am working on a new script, Janna is one of the first artists I always think of to bring the work alive—‘cause that’s exactly what she does."   

 ~MT Cozolla, Writer/Director  
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